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Offshore Development

VNEXT Global's offshore development models offer clients the opportunity to concentrate on their core business activities by offering our team of highly skilled professionals. With diverse expertise in different tech stacks and levels of proficiency, we provide exceptional services while significantly reducing costs.

What We Develop

VNEXT Global always recommend the most suitable services to all our customers, because we understand your ideas via continuously analyzing requirements.

Different Tech Stacks

Various Roles

- Busines analysts

- Developers

- UI/UX designers

- Testers

Different Levels

Different Levels

- Fresher

- Junior

- Middle

- Senior

Fluent English

Fluent English

- Comprehensively understand documents 

- Prepare technical documents 

- Communicate effectively 

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

- Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

- Working software over comprehensive document

- Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

- Responding to change over following a plan

Diverse Channels

Diverse Software

- Communication channels

- Task management tools

- Documentation management platforms

- Data management systems

Effective Customer Services

Effective Customer Services

- Professional sales department

- Active client success team

- Insightful marketing members

- Supportive administrative department

Our Agile Process

Scrum Framework

agile-software-development-life-cycle agile-software-development-life-cycle

Tools & technologies we use

Why VNEXT Global?

If you are looking for comprehensive solutions to IT-related issues, VNEXT Global, the top IT outsourcing in Vietnam, is the ideal partner. With 14+ years of experience, we surely can help you to optimize your business digitalization within a small budget and short time. Whether you need assistance in Mobile App, Web App, System, Blockchain Development or QA & Testing, please bear in mind that VNEXT Global can provide you all.

Let’s work together!

Years of experience in the IT industry


Official branches located in Vietnam & Japan


Dedicated employees around the world


Clients & partners in 20+ countries


Projects deliveried in 10+ industries


Impressive international and national awards

We Take Pride In Helping Our Clients Succeed

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