Outsourcing Programmers: How to Do It Right?

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vnext global outsourcing programmers how to do it right

Outsourcing Programmers: How to Do It Right?

Outsourcing programmers is not a simple decision. The selection of outsourcing time, vendor search process, outsourcing coordination process... need to be carefully considered by the company to limit potential risks.

This article provides some reference information to help businesses get to know how to manage and operate outsourcing programmers.


1. When should you consider outsourcing programmers? 

The suitable time for outsourcing programmers depends on various factors, such as the goals and expectations of the businesses, the scope, and complexity of the project, the availability and cost of in-house developers, the quality and reliability of the outsourcing partner. 

Below are some general situations where outsourcing programmers may be suitable:


•  Your business needs to access specialized skills and technologies that are not available or affordable in your local market. Outsourcing can help you tap into a global pool of talent and expertise that can offer innovative solutions and high-quality products. In the APÁC area, some IT developing countries that are providing high-qualified technical human resources could be named like Vietnam, India, or China.


•  Your business wants to reduce costs and save time. Outsourcing can offer significant cost savings compared to hiring and maintaining an in-house team of developers. Outsourcing can also speed up the development process by leveraging the expertise and experience of external providers.


•  Your business wants to enhance their digital transformation. Outsourcing can help you achieve your digital transformation goals by accessing the most innovative technologies and top engineering talent. Outsourcing can also help you adapt to the changing nature of work and foster a collaborative and multidirectional culture.


•  Your business wants to improve their product quality and performance. Outsourcing can help you improve the quality and performance of your software products by ensuring that they follow the best practices and standards for software development, such as coding conventions, documentation guidelines, testing methodologies, security measures, performance optimization techniques, etc. Outsourcing can also help you conduct regular code reviews, quality audits, and user acceptance tests to verify the quality and functionality of the product.



2. Challenges outsourcing programmers

It is undeniable that outsourcing programmers brings out many benefits, but business owners should be aware of the risks that come from outsourcing programmers and try to avoid them.

•  Poor communication

If you don't communicate regularly and clearly with your outsourcing partner, you may encounter misunderstandings, conflicts, delays, or errors. Communication problems can arise due to time zone differences, language barriers, cultural differences, or incompatible work styles.


•  Low quality

If you don't ensure that your outsourcing partner follows the best practices and standards for software development, such as coding conventions, documentation guidelines, testing methodologies, security measures, performance optimization techniques, etc., you may end up with a product that is buggy, unstable, inefficient, or vulnerable to cyberattacks.


•  Lack of industry knowledge

If your outsourcing partner doesn't have sufficient domain expertise or experience in your industry, you may face challenges in meeting the specific requirements, regulations, trends, or preferences of your target market. You may also miss out on the opportunities to leverage the most innovative technologies and solutions for your domain.


•  Intellectual property theft

If you don't protect your intellectual property rights and confidential information related to your software project, you may risk losing them to your outsourcing partner or third parties. Your outsourcing partner may copy, modify, sell, or use your code or data without your permission or knowledge.




3. Guidances to outsource programmers 

To avoid unexpected incidents when outsourcing as mentioned earlier, businesses could refer to this comprehensive guideline:


•  Step 1: Define your project scope and requirements. 

You should have a clear idea of what you want to build, why you want to build it, and how you want to build it. You should also specify the objectives, deliverables, timeline, budget, and quality standards for your project.


•  Step 2: Choose an outsourcing model. 

You should decide whether you want to outsource your project to a software development company, a freelance programmer, or an in-house programmer. You should also consider whether you want to outsource onshore, nearshore, or offshore, depending on the location and availability of the developers.


  Step 3: Search for potential outsourcing partners. 

You should conduct thorough research on the market and find the best outsourcing partners that match your criteria. You can use platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Toptal to find freelance programmers, or websites like Net Solutions, Cleveroad, or Time Doctor to find software development companies. You can also use B2B platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms to check the ratings and reviews of the outsourcing providers.


•  Step 4: Evaluate the expertise and experience of the outsourcing partners. 

You should verify the skills and qualifications of the developers by checking their portfolios, testimonials, case studies, and references. You should also ask them to provide samples of their previous work or conduct a coding test to assess their abilities.


  Step 5: Communicate and negotiate with the outsourcing partners. 

You should establish a clear and frequent communication channel with the outsourcing partners to discuss your project details, expectations, and feedback. You should also negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract, such as the scope of work, payment methods, deadlines, milestones, quality assurance, and intellectual property rights.


•  Step 6: Manage and monitor the outsourcing process. 

You should keep track of the progress and performance of the outsourcing partners by using tools like Time Doctor, Jira, or Trello. You should also conduct regular meetings, code reviews, quality audits, and user acceptance tests to ensure that the project is delivered according to your specifications.


  Step 7: Evaluate and review the outsourcing results. 

You should measure the outcomes and benefits of the outsourcing process by using metrics like cost savings, time savings, product quality, customer satisfaction, and return on investment. You should also provide feedback and suggestions to the outsourcing partners for future improvement.


How to outsource programmers?

In fact, there are different ways to outsource programmers, depending on your needs, budget, and preferences. 


Two of the common ways are:


•  Hiring a software development company

This is when you delegate your entire software project or a part of it to a third-party vendor that has a team of programmers, designers, testers, project managers, and other specialists. This way, you can benefit from the expertise, experience, and resources of the company, while saving time and money on hiring, training, and managing your own team. You can also access the latest technologies and best practices for software development. Collaborating with a Vietnam-based IT outsourcing provider that is VNEXT Global could help you to utilize our expertise, experience, quality assurance, and support services. We are providing senior agile outsourcing programmers who are not only strong at specialization but also keep smooth communication in English.


•  Hiring a freelance programmer

In this case, there will be an individual programmer who works remotely and independently on your project. This way, you can have more control and flexibility over the project, as well as lower costs compared to hiring a company. However, you also have to take care of communication, coordination, quality assurance, and security issues. You can find freelance programmers on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Toptal.

By understanding the whole process of outsourcing programmers, you can select the most suitable approach to your business.





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