An Overview Of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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Mai Le

2022-03-24 04:46:01

vnext global an overview of software development life cycle

Software development life cycle, so-called SDCL, explains the definition, the purposes and the consequences of the software development process. It assists IT companies, such as VNEXT Global, a tip IT outsourcing company in Vietnam, in constructing procedures, improving efficiency and productivity of the working process.


5 main stages of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


vnext global software development life cycle


1. Defining the scope of the project

This analytical step is the initial phase of the software development life cycle. During this time, the participants in the process talk about the needs for the final product. The goal of this step is to specify specific system requirements in detail. Furthermore, it is vital to ensure that all participants have a comprehensive grasp of the duties at hand and how each need will be carried out in actuality.


The stage's overall goal is to collect all of the software's requirements, analyze and systematize them, as well as identify and resolve any conflicts.



vnext global sdlc scope of work


2. Architecture and design

At this stage, developers and system architects create a draft - a high-level system design based on the requirements. All interested parties, including the client, are consulted on a range of technical concerns that arise during the design process. The project scope such as technologies, constraints (eg: physical distance), time schedule, and budget are all considered. The most appropriate design solutions are chosen in accordance with given requirements. The DSD, or Design Specification Document, is usually the final outcome of this step.


vnext global sdlc design


3. Development

The team begins to work after the product design has been chosen and solid requirements have been established. The developers create the coding process here, following the established criteria. The project manager is also involved here, deciding on the best development strategy. In general, the development algorithm involves steps such as algorithm development, source code authoring, translation to machine code (also known as compilation), testing, and debugging.


vnext global sdlc development


4. Integration and testing

The testing step is critical for both developers and clients since it reveals if the generated product meets the required quality.


The goal of this step is to verify the newly generated software for any faults or problems that may have occurred throughout the development process. QA (quality assurance) engineers are in charge of pointing out potential issues, and compare the behavior of the system defined in the requirements to the actual behavior.


The tester fixes bugs after detecting them, which is subsequently forwarded to the programming team. The developers report that the bugs have been fixed, and then the testing activity resumes. This time, the goal of testing is different: to ensure that the problem has been resolved and that the defect has been fixed.


vnext global sdlc testing


5. Maintenance 

If the team has finished the testing phase, that means it’s time to deploy and release the software product. Then, software maintenance service is offered to clients to ensure a smooth operation. Constant updating is compulsory as well, because your software solution may require the latest version and customization for new demands. 


vnext global sdlc maintenance


Final thoughts

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) offers benefits to IT companies and professionals. It partly guarantees successful software-related products and services thanks to the logical and condensed structure of the working process in IT projects.


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