Agile: What Is It? How Does It Work?

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Mai Le

2022-03-25 02:50:53

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In the present, Agile methodology has become so popular. It is not only used among software development processes, but also used in other tasks of business operations.


The definition of Agile

The basic idea behind Agile approach is to get everyone on the team to collaborate, determining and prioritizing activities from the backlog and completing numerous tasks in a certain amount of time. A sprint is a task-oriented iteration, usually lasting between 2-4 weeks. After a careful testing process, the piece of software is considered functioning.


The main focus of Agile

  • Iterative and incremental approach
  • Require frequent feedback from clients to optimize the time available.
  • Focus on people, collaboration, and communication

agile in software development


Steps of an Agile sprint

1. Clients give requirements to the project manager to discuss further.

2. Together with clients, the team outlines the software design.

3. Developers develop the software based on the design.

4. Testers find and fix bugs.

5. The team releases products to clients.

6. Clients give feedback to the team.


Hiring an IT outsourcing company to participate in the project is already a risk. Many factors such as quality, time zones, cultures, price, etc must be carefully considered. When signing a  contract of outsourcing software development, the client assigns a part of their business (data, project, business conventionals, etc) to an outsider. This requires a lot of trust, alongside terms in the contract. Operational risks can also be partly minimized by setting a detailed timeframe, coupled with a lean working process.


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Of course, there are other approaches used in project planning, such as Kanban or XP, and you can choose one based on your needs. 


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