Source Code: 4 Key Points All Developers Must Remember

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Mai Le

2022-05-13 08:54:19

vnext global source code 4 Key Points All Developers Must Remember

When designing a product, high-quality and guaranteed source code are always the top goals of Developers. Written by an IT outsourcing company, this article reveals some criteria we use to evaluate a source code.


1. Source code must work and run properly

Before starting writing code, you must define your ideas and build an overview. You need to clarify the requirements of the project through discussion and evaluation with the team. Then, the team outlines the structure of the system and the code logic, etc. Next, programmers write code in the programming language. And finally, testers find and fix bugs. Don't let basic errors like: compilation errors, memory overloads, ... make your source code silly!


2. Source code should be easy to read and understand

Code is not only for computers but also for humans. Software development is not just about writing code, it also includes software maintenance and updates. Many other people will be involved in the project as well, so that the project is not your own. Remember to write code that others can easily understand!


3. New code must be compatible with existing and easily extensible

If you want to integrate additional code into something available, you need to make sure the running part is not affected. Also, pay attention to the possibility of reusing the source code or extending a new feature later, to avoid the situation that you have to clone the code somewhere else then edit it when you want to use the same feature.


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4. Source code must solve the "pain" of the customer

Sometimes, the client's request is unreasonable. Served as those who directly implement the project, developers need to give advice to clients. Actively communicating with clients and teams is the only way to make the code effectively and efficiently.


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