3 Principles Of Mobile App Design To Bear In Mind

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Chi Vo

2022-11-02 09:56:10

vnext global 3 principles of mobile app design to bear in mind

Nowadays, mobile app users will refuse to use apps which require a lot of time and effort. If your app is 1% more complicated than those of competitors, you will fail. A great mobile app design must be good-looking, functional, and straightforward. In this article, VNEXT Global will present 3 design principles for mobile apps that we use in all mobile projects.


Here Are 3 Mobile App Design Principles Followed By VNEXT Global

1. Transparency

2. Simplicity

3. Consistency


1. Transparency

This is the first-and-foremost app design principle. The designers should organize the user interface (UI) in a way that users can easily find what they want. The sitemap is very important, and should be clearly defined from scratch. For example, it is a big mistake if the company portfolio is not in the section “About us” but in the section “Career”.


During the development process, please bear these questions in mind:

  • Is the menu bar arranged clearly?
  • Are CTA (call-to-action) buttons clearly enough?
  • Which elements represent which functions?


vnext global design principles for mobile app


2. Simplicity

It is an important app design principle that the mobile app is simple to use. Although your mobile app is eye-catching, it will be useless if users have to struggle to find what they are looking for. For recent years, the minimalism style is quite popular among companies around the world.


Here are some questions you should frequently ask in the process of development:


  • Is the overall user interface simple and practical?
  • Is this design user-centric?
  • Are all the elements essential and useful?


vnext global principles of mobile app design


3. Consistency

Consistency is a design principle for mobile apps. This ensures to represent the brand identity in a solid, unique way. The theme, fonts, colors, graphic assets of the landing page and all the sub-page must follow the same style.


In the auditing step, you must check whether all the elements stay connected in the same style. Some questions you may ask yourself are:

  • Do all the pages follow the same theme?
  • Do all the graphic assets follow the color scheme?
  • Are there any components too decorative?


vnext global mobile app design principles

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Final thought

In short, the purpose of all mobile app development is to create a great user experience. Here are some mobile design principles that VNEXT Global applies to all mobile app development projects. Depending on different projects, there may be some other principles that the development team set themselves to follow. However, aforementioned principles of mobile app design are always the core.


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