Web App for A Sportswear Store

Customer wanted to develop a sports equipment sales system and a management system such as order management, membership management, stores management, tax management, etc.


Our client operates a chain of businesses focusing on athletic apparel and sports equipment. They wanted to boost growth through digitization. They decided to request VNEXT Global to develop a sales web application with an easy administration system.‚Äč

Team size: 17 people

Duration: 4 months

Contract type: Project-based


  • Build a management system for order, members, stores, tax management, etc. for managers
  • Create an EC site for users to purchase products.
  • Includes features such as: Membership registration, product search, product list, ordering, payment, etc.
  • Support SEO and GA



1. Project Kickoff

To begin, the Project Manager (PM) meets with clients to fully outline the client's objectives. The PM then assigns resources, plans the timeline, and informs the development team of information like shared objectives and rules.


2. Discovery 

In the discovery phase, our team:

  • Verify the feasibility of the initial vision by building software prototypes.
  • Test different web technologies and tools.
  • Define the Minimum Valuable Product (MVP).
  • Design the infrastructure and plan the deployments of the product.
  • Uncover the in-depth needs, wants, and pains of your target audience.


3. Design

In order to determine whether the concepts are valid and the navigation is easily understandable, we begin with low-fidelity wireframes or mockups. The wireframing stage supports in ensuring that everyone on the team is working to achieve the same goals.


Collaboration will be made easier by tools that allow for the access and sharing of designs. We, VNEXT Global, prefer Adobe XD and Figma.


4. Implementation

The tasks for the various roles are equally divided into small units after getting the design documentation. Both the backend and the frontend of features are implemented by developers. While this is going on, UI/UX designers are working through various design phases like user research, sketching, and prototyping. Both manual and automated testers create test cases.


5. Quality assurance

All test cases, created in the earlier stage, are executed using various frameworks and tools. We perform all types of functional testing, including non-functional testing as well as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing.


6. Web App Launching

After the significant release, the web app development process does not finish. Your team must be prepared to:

  • Detect and fix bugs
  • Make changes based on customer feedback
  • Optimize the performance of your product
  • Renew licenses
  • Add new features according to the product roadmap


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