An Overview Of Software Quality Assurance (QA)

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Mai Le

2022-07-15 10:30:50

vnext global an overview of software quality assurance (QA)

Have you ever wondered how an IT firm make sure that their products are reliable, stable, and of excellent quality? QA (Quality Assurance) is the solution. As one of the most significant stages in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), the QA team takes responsibility for evaluating the products’ functionality, usability, compatibility, security, and performance. VNEXT Global, the top IT outsourcing company in Vietnam, will help you have an overview on software quality assurance (QA).


1. What is software QA? 

As a stage before, during, and after the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), QA is a mechanism for testing whether projects comply with a stated set of standards. The issues will be noted, and the frontend, backend, or UI/UX designers will be notified to remedy them. The ultimate purpose of software quality assurance is to boost customer confidence and a company's legitimacy while also enhancing work processes and efficiency, enabling a business to compete more successfully. 


A QA team can use manual or automated testing techniques to guarantee Software Quality Assurance. QA analysts manually run each test as part of the manual testing procedure. Tools and scripts will be used to automate testing tasks during the automation testing process. When comparing manual versus automated testing, automated testing can be superior due to its effectiveness, cost- and time-savings. However, QA experts should use manual testing in specific situations, such as usability testing, ad-hoc testing, and exploratory testing. 


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2. How important is software QA? 

It can't be argued that software QA is a reliable way to ensure that items are of the greatest possible quality. The QA team must be included from the beginning of the development process because errors and faults may emerge. If you don't, the cost of fixing the inaccuracies might be up to 100 times greater, not to mention the damage to your reputation, credibility, and customer base. 


Throughout history, there have been several cases of software failures, from mistakes that cost companies billions of pounds to mistakes that led to fatalities. For instance, in 2015, a bug during Starbucks' daily system refresh cost the company millions of dollars in sales, because it shut down point-of-sale machines in the US and Canada. The company then must apologize to their customers by giving away free drinks. 


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3. Some popular testing approaches for software QA 

a. Functional Testing 

The goal of functional testing is to make sure that the products are operating smoothly and in accordance with the company's specifications rather than concentrating on the internal components. Each software application function will be tested by QA professionals by giving the proper input and comparing the output to the functional requirements. Functional testing is not concerned with the source code of the application and is largely focused on black-box testing. User interface, APIs, databases, security, client/server connectivity, and other key features need to be tested. Both human and automated testing are available. 


b. Usability Testing 

Usability Testing involves establishing how straightforward and user-friendly it is. This kind of testing places a lot of emphasis on how simple it is for customers to access and utilize the services and software. A QA staff that has a thorough grasp of client behavior can anticipate potential problems and guarantee a seamless experience. 


c. Compatibility Testing 

To reach as many customers as possible, many companies and brands require their software to function properly across a variety of devices. Compatibility Testing, a kind of non-functional testing, is necessary as a result. It is used to assess if your software application or product can function properly across a range of hardware, operating systems, browsers, databases, mobile devices, and networks. 



d. Security Testing 

Security Testing focuses on security identifying risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in the software development process, then defends against intrusive, hostile attacks. Examples of security testing consist of: 

  • Penetration testing: To determine whether vulnerabilities exist and are being exploited, examine a system and its features (often using automated techniques). 

  • Secure coding: Ascertain that all security data, including passwords, is encrypted, not kept in plain text, and is hashed correctly. 


e. Performance Testing 

Performance testing, as its name suggests, is the act of determining how a Web development or mobile app development functions under a specific workload. Simply said, the finished goods will be assessed based on their responsiveness, stability, speed, and reliability. For instance, it can involve tracking how quickly a lot of requests are answered, or it might involve watching how the system handles a lot of data. 


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4. Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, Quality Assurance is a critical component of all Software Development, including Web and Mobile Apps. This procedure ensures that the final products satisfy the demanding standards, so enhancing the reputation of companies and ensuring user and customer happiness. 


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