7 Steps In A Complete Software Maintenance Plan

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Mai Le

2022-08-26 05:19:43

vnext global 7 steps in software maintenance

Being a part of the software development life cycle (SDLC), software maintenance is crucial to the software development. Preparing a software maintenance plan comprehensively should be well focused on. In this article, VNEXT Global will suggest a software maintenance process including 7 essential steps.


7 Step Making A Comprehensive Software Maintenance Process

  • Issue identification
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • System testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Deployment


Step 1: Issue identification

Finding the problem is the first stage in any software maintenance plan. An issue will either be found by a developer or will be reported by a user. Whatever the situation, an issue must be identified before it seriously affects all the system.


Step 2: Analysis

The next stage of software maintenance is to examine the detected problem, as well as suggest solutions. Stakeholders typically want to see an analysis report of the issue and the suggested solution to decide whether maintenance is essentially required. The potential implications of the suggested adjustments are also highlighted throughout the analysis step.


Step 3: Design

The design of the software product must adhere to laws, regulations and standards. Therefore, getting the design correct and modifying it are crucial. Otherwise, you'll have to spend a lot of time and money on additional maintenance.


vnext global steps in software maintenance


Step 4: Implementation

Developers must put the changes into the software once a design is complete. Make sure to do it right because improper implementation can result in latent defects or even mistakes that have a detrimental impact on functionality.


Step 5: System Testing

To ensure optimal performance after implementation, the complete software system must be tested. The team can use manual testing or automation testing. Additionally, the system with the new changes should be tested thoroughly.


Step 6: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Users, or clients, must test the software updates before deployment. Before the updates go live, user acceptance testing is the final stage to identify any problems that users may face.


Step 7: Deployment

Finally, you need to update new versions to announce new changes to the users. The software maintenance process comes to an end with this step. However, even after the software products are released, maintenance is never completely over.


vnext global 7 steps in software maintenance


Final thought

A software maintenance plan must be prepared carefully before, during and after the software development process. It can prevent your business from wasting money, time and effort on a deteriorating software product.


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