5 Key Principles Of eCommerce Mobile App Design

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2023-01-11 06:36:43

vext global 5 key principles of ecommerce mobile app design

Designers must take into account a wide range of factors in the process of developing, redesigning, or improving an ecommerce mobile app design. The design of a mobile ecommerce app contributes to satisfying user experience, thus increasing brand awareness and boosting conversion rates.


5 Principles Of eCommerce Mobile App Design 


Applying these following principles of e-commerce mobile app UI design may help you improve your mobile eCommerce app and ultimately results in higher conversion rates. In this article, VNEXT Global suggests our 5 principles of ecommerce mobile app UI design that may help you to create an appealing “face” for a conversion-driven ecommerce mobile app.


  • Simple and functional navigation
  • Intentional minimal design
  • Impressive card design
  • Clear call-to-action
  • Painless checkout process


Let’s discuss one by one!


Simple and functional navigation

It is estimated that 55% of visitors leave your website after less than 15 seconds (Hubspot, 2021). Users will obviously leave your eCommerce mobile app if they cannot find what they are looking for within a few clicks.


Check your sitemap and the layout of the menu for both landing page, other sub - pages and user flows. Try to limit your header as simple and clear as possible with these elements:


  • Logo of your brand
  • 3 - 7 primary navigation links
  • 3 - 5 utility navigation links
  • A search bar with prominent functionality


With clear navigation options and categorization, users may engage with your website naturally, and they are encouraged to convert more quickly.


Let’s see how VNEXT Global design our navigation bar:


navigation bar


Intentional minimal design

“Less is more”. This statement is accurate when referring to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) on each page of your mobile eCommerce app. Not only the homepage or landing pages, but also other pages, will be used to direct users to your app.


All components, modules, and content must be executed in the design with clarity. The secret to encourage visitors closer to conversion is to include these essential design elements obviously, purposefully, and informatively.


You also need to utilize white space to make sure your design works. Avoid filling the white area with additional content or images. White space should be considered as important as graphic elements, images and text. The secret is to find the right mix that enables consumers to quickly comprehend a page, make greater sense of what they see, and lead them toward conversion.


Impressive card design

Mobile ecommerce apps, nowadays, focus on card design because it may be used for a variety of devices. Cards are obviously simpler to scale for all breakpoints, regardless of whether the cards and screens are scaling up or down. As a result, there is no longer any concern that the designs will not scale correctly across different view ports and devices.


Cards use graphic elements or images to illustrate the product accurately. When surfing mobile ecommerce apps, users can quickly know products without taking time reading long lines of text. People prefer images to text. Impressive card designs can encourage higher conversion rates. 


VNEXT Global uses graphic designs to service cards


VNEXT Global uses graphic designs to service cards


Clear call-to-action (CTA)

You have pretty much got everything else set up at this point. The key component on each page is your call-to-action (CTA). You must offer a very clear path for the user to what to do, where to click, therefore decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates.


To ensure as few clicks required as possible, each product thumbnail or page should include an outstanding CTA button, designed with contrast colors, large size and bold text. It should be the most attractive spotlight when users flick through pages. Do not provide the user an excuse to stop making their purchase when it is almost done.


contrast cta button

VNEXT Global uses contrast CTA buttons to encourage clients/ users to contact


Painless checkout process

If you do not already provide users a one-page checkout on your ecommerce mobile app design, you should. Users can quickly comprehend what is necessary to finish their purchase using a one-page checkout that clearly outlines the necessary procedures.


The best practices for the checkout of ecommerce mobile app design include a progress bar that makes it apparent which is the next step, where to go back and where to finish. Customers like to know how long the progress will take, and to be able to track progress of their buying journey.


Additionally, limit the number of compulsory form fields by only requesting the data necessary to complete the order. After a purchase, sending a confirmation email or SMS is a simple method to show that the order was completed and confirmed. This is also an effective way to encourage customer returning, and even brand loyalty, by featuring special offers and related products.


Final thoughts

By adhering to these 5 eCommerce design principles, you will give your mobile ecommerce app the foundation it needs to boost conversions. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that these concepts will not guarantee success overnight. Everything takes time!


To help you drive the right UX/UI improvements and optimization for each page for conversion, VNEXT Global is willing to answer any questions or issues regarding how design affects the functionality of your eCommerce mobile app. If you are looking for a trusted IT partner for eCommerce mobile app development and design, VNEXT Global is the ideal choice. With 14+ years of experience, we surely can help you to optimize your business digitalization within a small budget and short time. Currently, we have 400+ IT consultants and developers in Mobile App, Web App, System Development, Blockchain Development and Testing Services. We have provided solutions to 600+ projects in several industries for clients worldwide. We are willing to become a companion on your way to success. Please tell us when is convenient for you to have an online meeting to discuss this further. Have a nice day! 


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