Design eCommerce Mobile App: Why "Less Is More"?

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Mai Le

2023-02-06 03:31:26

design ecommerce mobile app why less is more

When was the last time you made a purchase from Amazon via its website? Most likely, you do not remember! Because people have purchased via eCommerce mobile apps over the past few years. The advancement of mobile apps for eCommerce has made it convenient.


We will cite some astonishing numbers from a report of Hubspot in 2022 to show you the potential and necessity of eCommerce mobile apps. At the end of 2021, mobile devices generated 54.4% of global website traffic. 32% of small businesses already have a mobile app and 42% plan to build one. 59% of shoppers think being able to shop on mobile is important when deciding where to buy.


Obviously, EC mobile apps will continue to grow in the future. What hinders you from owning one to boost your business? In this article, VNEXT Global will help you to develop an eCommerce mobile app easier with a guide in designing UI of eCommerce mobile app: “Less is more”. 


Why Is “Less Is More” Preferred In Designing eCommerce Mobile Apps?

Quick Loading Speed

Technology has made humans become impatient. We demand better speed from any sites or apps that we access. Reducing the speed of a mobile app by 0.1 seconds causes an 8% increase in conversions. (Hubspot, 2022)


“Less is more” means that you apply minimalism to all the elements of the page, leading to the eradication of redundancy. The EC mobile app will have less data to process, leading to faster speed. 


Here are some tips to make your eCommerce mobile app load in 4-5 seconds:

  • Minimize the size of all graphic elements
  • Use image formats like WebP and JPEG
  • Use external CSS to process background graphic elements
  • Reduce comment tags and white lines
  • Audit and eradicate irrelevant META content and tags
  • Remove redundant java scripts


Straightforward layouts 

When designing EC mobile apps, designers must arrange text and images reasonably. Nowadays, people prefer images to text, because they often flick through everything until they find their interesting options.

Long paragraphs, thereby, can easily bore your user. You should try to provide more images, as clear as possible, about your products. In terms of text, you should arrange the same details in bullet points.

Product sites of an ecommerce mobile app must consist of Product description, IInformation about the latest sale and discounts, and Reviews/ Feedback.


Easy to Operate with One Hand

People usually use only one hand to operate phones. Therefore, you should position some of your eCommerce app's buttons such that users can use their thumbs and fingers to access them. Necessary buttons include Proceed option, Cart button, and Payment button


The UI of eCommerce Mobile App Best Practices

Simple Design

When doing business online, the secret to the perception is the design. Based on the appearance of your app, consumers will evaluate your business. In some cases, even if your design is beautiful, it could be difficult for people to navigate. There will be more abandonment as a result. Thus, you may make a straightforward design by following these basic steps:

  • Avoid using redundant elements
  • Keep enough white space 
  • Use less long text 
  • Use simple color schemes
  • Use simple and readable fonts


Simple Navigation Layout

Creating a straightforward app navigation layout is a must, as users will leave out the app if they do not find what they want in 5 seconds. The UX designers must cooperate well with the Marketing team to discuss and agree on the sitemap instead of jumping into designing. The sitemap is the premise for the navigation layout. You may take these suggestion into consideration:

  • Break EC menu down into sub-parts
  • Categorize the product list
  • Provide a detailed guide for the app


Secured but Simple Login and Checkout Systems

Old-fashioned login and checkout procedures are time-consuming, with too many steps and required information. Every second counts.


You should allow users to log in using their Google, Facebook, or other social network accounts. They can save time, and you have more information to collect their insights as well as curate personalized content. 


These websites frequently have all the information you need to know about your user. For users who have already visited your website, auto-fill or auto-save should be an option. This creates the most practical and efficient mobile eCommerce app.


Final thoughts

If your eCommerce business does not have a mobile app, you are left behind your competitors. People, in this digital age, want to purchase quickly and easily because of pandemics, lockdowns, and the fast pace of life. Additionally, smartphones has progressively become a vital part in our daily lives.


Customer experience should be researched carefully before designing the UI of eCommerce mobile apps. “Less is more” brings minimal design style without any redundancies, which leads users to focus on products/ services.


If you are looking for a trusted IT partner for EC mobile app UI, VNEXT Global is the ideal choice. With 14+ years of experience, we surely can help you to optimize your business digitalization within a small budget and short time. Currently, we have 400+ IT consultants and developers in Mobile App, Web App, System Development, Blockchain Development and Testing Services. We have provided solutions to 600+ projects in several industries for clients worldwide. We are willing to become a companion on your way to success. Please tell us when is convenient for you to have an online meeting to discuss this further. Have a nice day! 


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