Lecture maker system

With lecture marker system, instructors can facilitate materials for e-learning and online presentation.​

With lecture marker system, instructors can facilitate materials for e-learning and online presentation.​

Team size: 7 people

Duration: 7 month


1. Requirement Analysis

The client and pre-sales discuss and note what are essentials for the project. Some main information includes:


  • The objectives of this project?
  • The scope of project
  • The current status of the system (components), such as:
    • What to change?
    • What to add?
    • What can be removed?
  • Hardware requirements


Then, the PM creates a general outline for a document of requirement specification, which serves as a guideline for the next step.


2. Design Specification

The design draft is prepared based on requirement specifications, helping to specify the hardware as well as system requirements. The design specifications for the system serve as the input for the following phase of the software development model, including some as below:

  • System architecture
  • Database schema
  • API design


3. Execution

After receiving the design documents, the tasks for different roles are divided equally into various units. Developers take responsibilities for writing code, both backend and frontend. Meanwhile, UI/UX designers carry out different design stages, such as user research, sketching and building prototypes. Testers, both automation and manual, prepare test cases as well.


4. Testing

All test cases, prepared at the last step, are run on different frameworks and tools. We carry out all variants of the functional testing such as integration testing, unit testing, system testing, user acceptance testing, as well as non-functional testing.


5. Deployment

After ensuring that the system is error-free and user-friendly, we hand over the final product to the client. The development team continues to monitor if there are any essential changes or unexpected bugs in real time.



Languages OS Database Cloud
Ruby Window SQL AWS
VueJS Linux    


Main functions and features

(1) register account

(2) create & share documents/ materials

(3) plan online classes

(4) create slides using templates

(5) carry out slideshow

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