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The client from Hong Kong is a leading corporation in the FinTech industry. They are a financial institution holding a Money Service Operator license in the nation. VNEXT Global, based on their requirements, carry out automation testing for both mobile application (android & iOS) and web application. 


Our Hong Kong client is a leading financial institution in the FinTech industry, which holds a Money Service Operator license in the nation. VNEXT Global, based on their requirements, carry out automation testing for both mobile application (android & iOS) and web application.​

Team size  Duration Contract type
5 people 1 year ODC



1. Test planning

Test planning involves activities that define the objectives of testing and the approach for meeting test objectives within constraints imposed by the context (e.g., specifying suitable test techniques and tasks, and formulating a test schedule for meeting a deadline). Test plans may be revisited based on feedback from monitoring and control activities. 


2. Test monitoring and control

Test monitoring involves the on-going comparison of actual progress against planned progress using any test monitoring metrics defined in the test plan. Test control involves taking actions necessary to meet the objectives of the test plan (which may be updated over time). Test monitoring and control are supported by the evaluation of exit criteria, which are referred to as the definition of done in some software development lifecycle models. 


3. Test analysis

During test analysis, the test basis is analyzed to identify testable features and define associated test conditions. In other words, test analysis determines “what to test” in terms of measurable coverage criteria.


4. Test design

During test design, the test conditions are elaborated into high-level test cases, sets of high-level test cases, and other testware. So, test analysis answers the question “what to test?” while test design answers the question “how to test?”


5. Test implementation

During test implementation, the testware necessary for test execution is created and/or completed, including sequencing the test cases into test procedures. So, test design answers the question “how to test?” while test implementation answers the question “do we now have everything in place to run the tests?”


6. Test execution

During test execution, test suites are run in accordance with the test execution schedule. 


7. Test completion

Test completion activities collect data from completed test activities to consolidate experience, testware, and any other relevant information. Test completion activities occur at project milestones such as when a software system is released, a test project is completed (or cancelled), an Agile project iteration is finished, a test level is completed, or a maintenance release has been completed.





Automation Testing: Java, Serenity, Cucumber, Rest Assured, JDBC 


Scope of work

(1) Mobile app (android & iOS) automation testing 

(2) Web app automation testing 

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