1st Birthday Of VNEXT Global - Our First Together

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Chi Vo

2022-11-02 09:20:12

vnext global 1 year our first together

Experiencing 1 year of dedication and passion, VNEXT Global has developed strongly to become a leading IT outsourcing company in Vietnam. A hard-working year has many ups and downs but all members were united and strived together in a proud and memorable way. Such pride will definitely be distributed around and grow stronger in the future. A new journey is waiting to be uncovered at VNEXT Global, where the best gets better.


VNEXT Global birthday congratulations - Our first together 

Exactly 1 year ago, on Oct 11, 2021, VNEXT Global was founded with 3 people; detached from VNEXT Holdings - a global leading corporation in Software Development/IT Services Outsourcing headquartered in Vietnam. Experiencing 1 year of dedication and passion, VNEXT Global has developed strongly to become a leading IT outsourcing company in Vietnam.


After a year of hard work, VNEXT Global has successfully grown from 3 to 60+ employees and has officially participated in 9 projects. With information technology at its foundation, VNEXT Global has had opportunities to give services to enterprises all around the world, including Fujitsu, RGOG, ENTWIZSoft, Intage Inc, etc. Notably, we have expanded and reached potential customers in the markets of the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Switzerland, and have proved ourselves as a reliable IT outsourcing partner. 


Throughout our journey, VNEXT Global has provided smart solutions for clients by delivering comprehensive projects at the national and international levels through six core services: 

  • Mobile App Development 

  • Web App Development 

  • Blockchain Development 

  • QA & Software Testing 

  • System Development 


VNEXT Global does not only commit to solving client business challenges to create value and success, consulting and delivering appropriate technical and experimental advice, but we also commit to creating career opportunities and a cheerful environment for our staff. 


Evidently, throughout the year, VNEXT Global has ensured our staff’s well-being and promising career path such as:  

  • Officially turning Opentalk  into a weekly activity to summarize and connect VNEXT Global’s members 

  • Establishing an internal English club to improve the members' English proficiency and create an English co-practicing space 

  • Organizing the first company trip in Nha Trang 


A promising future for VNEXT Global 

After 1 year of fruitful achievement, VNEXT Global continues aiming to become a top high-tech company. We are also determined to foster a cheerful work atmosphere, provide the best solutions, and contribute to the development of a thriving society. 


As a new wave of technology approaches, starting with the rising potential of Mobile App, Web App and other practices, VNEXT Global is looking forward to an exciting and promising future ahead. 


Our first birthday - an impressive milestone 

After 1 year of ups and downs, VNEXT Global wants to share our story of success with our beloved employees and guests. In details, the 1-year birthday celebration will be occured at Oct 15, 2022 at Cong Vien Nho Restaurant, no. 36/76, An Duong, Tay Ho, Hanoi.  


The birthday gala is expected to award our excellent individuals and departments who have devoted their precious time and effort throughout the year, as well as organize interesting team building activities. Let’s look forward to our 1st birthday together on Oct 15. We will certainly capture highlight moments and share them after the events! 


Finally, congratulations and thank you to all members of VNEXT Global for your hard work. We certainly have enormous chances to grow stronger in the future due to our solid base of technology and human resources! 


Wish all the best for our members of VNEXT Global. Our company, definitely, will continue to grow and soon become the top IT outsourcing company in the world. 


Happy birthday to VNEXT Global!!!! 

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