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Mai Le

2022-10-10 10:59:14

VNEXT Global National Digital Transformation Day 12

On April 22, 2022, the Prime Minister signed and promulgated Decision No. 505/QD-TTG, establishing October 10 every year as the National Digital Transformation Day. National Digital Transformation Day aims to raise public awareness of the role, meaning, and benefits of digital transformation.


To effectively implement the National Digital Transformation plan through 2025 and orient by 2030, and to promote the implementation of national digital transformation missions. In addition to boosting productivity and cutting expenses, digital transformation also makes new development opportunities available, generating new values in addition to the preexisting traditional ones. The goal of digital transformation is to serve the public, and it will be accomplished once every person has access to the internet. Therefore, a revolution for the entire population is brought about by digital transformation.


National Digital Transformation Day serves as both a milestone for assessing annual digital transformation efforts as well as a way to welcome, acknowledge, and reward companies and people who have contributed to the national digital transformation process.


The first National Digital Transformation Day celebrations will take place in 2022. Additionally, this is the year to advocate for digital transformation that is completely, universally, and people-centered. Between now and 2025, the pace of digital transformation will pick up, with different implementation strategies being used in each sector, industry, and location.


The main goal of the national digital transformation in 2022 is to bring people and businesses to the digital world by popularizing online services and spreading digital platforms for production and business activities, as well as other digital platforms that serve essential needs, e-commerce, online teaching, and platforms that support health counseling.


The National Digital Transformation Day serves as the encouragement for all companies across a wide range of industry sectors to work toward implementing digital technology and promoting Vietnamese brands abroad.


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