Desktop App vs Web App: What Are Their Differences?

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2022-12-14 07:55:15

vnext global desktop app vs web app what are their differences

Web App vs Desktop App have long been confusing terms for many users due to their similar characteristics. Furthermore, many startups and SME businesses find it complicated to decide between these two applications for their projects. 


This blog aims to resolve these intricating questions by listing out similarities and differences between two types of apps, then consulting which type fits your business most. 


1. What is a Web App?

An app that can be used with a web browser is known as a web application. Web apps appear and function like mobile apps when accessed through a mobile device's browser, but they aren't the same.


Technically, the web application is set up and placed on a remote server, from which users can access its services through a browser and network connection. These programs are designed to run in browsers and don't need to be installed on the computer.


Online forms, shopping carts, word processors, spreadsheets, video and photo editing software, file conversion, file scanning, and email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL are examples of web apps. For instance, users can check their email through Google Mail in their browser without having to download it to their device.

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vnext global web app vs desktop app


2. What is a Desktop App?

A desktop application can run independently on a computer so that users can complete particular tasks without the internet or any browser. To access and complete their assignments, users must download and install the program on their desktop computers.


Some popular examples of desktop app are: Microsoft Word and WPS Office, which are used to edit documents, web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, which let you browse the web, and media player programs like iTunes and Windows Media Player, which let you listen to music, watch videos and movies, and compile your favorite media collections.


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3. What are the differences between these two apps: Web app vs Desktop?


Web App

Desktop App

A single group of server computers must be used to install and update a web-based application.

On each client computer, deployment and any upgrades or fixes are performed independently.

There is no geographic restriction because web apps can be accessed from anywhere.

Since desktops are tied to a single system, they can only be accessed through the PCs in which they are installed.

Because web applications are platform-independent, all that is needed for them to function is a web browser.

Desktop applications must be independently developed for each platform.

Web applications have additional security vulnerabilities since they are designed from the ground up to enhance accessibility.

Desktop applications, on the other hand, are more secure since administrators have greater control and authorization.

Web applications rely on Internet connectivity for their functionality.

Desktop applications can operate independently of the internet. Some applications require internet connectivity solely during the updating process.

Final thoughts

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