Video game quality assurance: Definition, Types and How to Become a Game QA tester

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Video game quality assurance: Definition, Types and How to Become a Game QA tester

Before a game version is released, it must go through many different strict censorship stages to minimize errors affecting customers' playing process and enhance customer experience. Therefore, game testers were born to do that job, which is also one of the hottest professions today.

Let's take a look at definition, types and how to become a video game quality assurance if  you are curious.


1. Definition of video game quality assurance

Video game quality assurance is the process of ensuring that a video game meets the quality standards and expectations of the developers, publishers, and players. It involves testing the game for various aspects, such as functionality, performance, compatibility, usability, security, localization, and compliance. Video game quality assurance is a crucial part of the game development lifecycle, as it helps to reduce the costs and risks of developing and publishing games by identifying and resolving any problems early in the development process, then improving the gameplay experience and enhancing the reputation and credibility of the developers and publishers..




2. Common types of video game quality assurance

There are different types of video game quality assurance that aim to ensure the quality and functionality of a video game:


•  Functional QA: This type of QA tests the basic functionality and features of the game, such as gameplay, user interface, controls, graphics, audio, and performance. It also checks for any bugs, glitches, errors, or defects that may affect the game experience or functionality.


•  Compatibility QA: This type of QA tests the game on different platforms, devices, hardware, software, and network configurations. It ensures that the game works well across various environments and meets the technical specifications and requirements.


•  Localization QA: This type of QA tests the game for different languages, cultures, and regions. It ensures that the game content, text, audio, graphics, and user interface are translated and adapted correctly and appropriately for the target audience.


•  Certification QA: This type of QA tests the game for compliance with the standards and regulations of the platform holders, such as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple, Google, etc. It ensures that the game meets the technical, legal, and quality criteria set by the platform holders.


•  Network QA: This type of QA tests the game for online features and functionality, such as multiplayer modes, online services, connectivity, security, latency, etc. It ensures that the game provides a smooth and stable online experience for the players.


•  Smoke Tests: This type of QA tests the game for critical issues that may prevent the game from launching or running properly. It is usually done before or after a major update or change in the game code or content. It ensures that the game is stable and playable.


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3. The role of QA testers 

A QA tester is someone who works with software or a website to ensure it runs properly and meets the quality standards and expectations of the developers, publishers, and users. A QA tester performs various types of tests, such as functional, compatibility, localization, certification, network, and smoke tests, to identify and report any bugs, errors, glitches, or defects that may affect the software functionality or user experience. A QA tester also communicates and collaborates with the development team and other stakeholders to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the software design, features, performance, security, and usability.

To become a QA tester, you need to have some skills and qualifications that can help you perform your tasks effectively and efficiently. Let’s deep dive right now!




4. To be become a game QA tester

Depending on the specific needs and goals of each software project or organization, there may be other skills or requirements that are relevant or desirable for a QA tester. However, there are some skills and requirements that are commonly expected from a QA tester.


•  Gain knowledge of software development

Of course, knowledge is the very first requirement and it is a hard skill that you need to possess well. A bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, or related field. This can help you gain theoretical and practical knowledge of software development, programming languages, algorithms, data structures, databases, operating systems, networks, and software engineering principles. If it is not your specialization in colleges, you can start learning the basics of programming languages, software testing types, software development models, and other concepts related to software development. This will help you understand the software products you will be testing and the testing methodologies you will be using. A degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field can help you establish a foundation in software development. Based on your work requirement, you can obtain a degree in a field that you want. Two of the more common certifications available for QA testers include the following:

  • International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Certified Tester: Administered by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB), this certification has two levels including the Foundation and Advanced levels. Either option signals that you have familiarity with software testing and the associated terminology.
  • Certified Software Tester (CST): The International Software Certification Board (ISCB) issues eight different certifications for software testing, business investigation, and quality confirmation. This certification requires a college education and/or years of experience.


•  Gain practical experience

Employers prefer candidates with practical experience in testing software. For the first step in the career path, an internship is an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door and gain experience. An internship can be an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about what it takes to be a successful QA tester. Or you can start by participating in open-source projects or volunteer work. This will help you gain hands-on experience in testing software, finding and reporting bugs, and collaborating with other testers and developers. Before you begin a career as a QA tester, a company might ask that you start as a junior QA tester. In this position, you work closely with QA engineers and analysts to create testing strategies and plans. Together, you will report issues to development teams and assist with certain troubleshooting issues that involve bugs and viruses. You might also work with senior QA testers to ensure the development process works properly. After about 2 years' experience in QA testing, you can gain the practical experience of working on real-world software projects and applying your skills and knowledge in different scenarios and environments.


•  Soft skills

Good team working and critical thinking skills can help you communicate and collaborate with the development team and other stakeholders in a clear and concise manner. You should also be able to analyze the software requirements and specifications critically and creatively to identify potential problems and solutions.  Automation skills for testing browser compatibility, performance, database and integration layers. This can help you reduce the testing time and improve the testing quality by using automated scripts and tools to perform repetitive or complex tests that may be difficult or impractical to do manually.

With today's rapidly growing technology market, the need for high-quality IT human resources is increasing, game QA tester is one of the jobs that many young people are choosing to train for. Becoming a good game QA tester is not difficult but it requires strong efforts, you should create a systematic plan to hone your knowledge, skills and experience to work in a profession that is considered as top jobs today.





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