The Mobile App Functions’ Revolution: How Mobile Apps Have Changed Our Lives

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2022-10-11 06:50:12

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Mobile apps have radically changed almost every area of human life, including ordering food, creating a grocery list, checking account savings and balances, and connecting with others. With all of this going on around us, 5g technology and smartphone apps have sharply reshaped social standards, when everything is simply at your fingertips, regardless of what you want or need to do.


Not only that, new apps are being released at an unanticipated rate, dramatically altering global behaviors. In this article, we'll look back at mobile applications’ first existence, how far they've reached, and the function of mobile apps in the way we socialize, work, and play. We'll also get a glimpse of what the future of smartphone apps might look like.


1. How Did Mobile Applications Originate?

It's difficult to think that it's been less than a decade since Apple and Google launched their own app shops. According to a recent Statista research, there are currently 6.3 million mobile apps available from main app shops as of March 2017. Given that Apple and Google only started their app shops roughly nine years ago, this is an astonishing figure. Since PhoneSaber and the initial eBay app, apps have come a long way. They harness the supercomputer-like computing power in today's smartphones and their cutting-edge mobile networks to develop smartphone apps that are fully functional. 


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2. How Do Mobile Applications Reshape Our Lifestyle?

In our modern era, mobile app functions include delivering emails to your fingertips, measuring calories, aiding in dating, influencing buying behavior, and even altering our thought processes. They are rapidly evolving and utilizing the most advanced mobile networks. Listed below are 3 ways that mobile applications have changed the way we live:


A. Mobile App Functions At Work

Many apps that allow us to instantly respond to emails, conduct voice searches, create presentations, update to-do lists, sign and send documents, and more have made productivity easier than ever before. 


There are numerous work-related applications such as Any do, Todoist, Just Press Record, CamScanner, Gmail, and Notability that allow us to remain productive. 


B. Mobile App Functions In Daily Communication

With mobile applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for social networking, WhatsApp for instant messaging, and Skype for video chats, you can maintain contact with all of your contacts while on the go.


As of December 2017, WhatsApp, one of the most popular mobile messaging programs, had 1.5 million users active, based on Statista. Facebook Messenger has 1,149 million active mobile-only users as of the fourth quarter of 2016.


You can interact with your friends and family through texts, images, music, emojis, and anything else with only a few taps on your device.


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C. Mobile App Functions In Entertainment

The success of Pokemon Go in 2016 has shed light on the revolution of the mobile gaming industry. It was an Augmented Reality (AR) game built for mobile phones that became an instant success. You hunt for Pokemon in the game. You collect them when you discover them. You train your Pokemon so that they can combat other Pokemon. This game alone has people out late at night searching for Pokemon in their neighborhoods, the forests, and adjacent parks. Pokemon Go inspired the creation of dozens of other AR and VR smartphone apps, many of which are now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


However, AR and VR aren't the only games available. MMORPGs, RPGs, and even more classic games like checkers or Go are available, with many allowing you to play against people from all around the world. If you want to feel like Kasparov, you can download a chess app and play against anyone else in the globe who has the same app. With the advancement of mobile app technology, every game you can think of has a smartphone app.


D. Mobile App Functions In Other Activities

We use smartphone apps in a variety of ways. For example, Fitbit helps users stay in shape, Siri guides us when we're looking for nearby restaurants, and allows us to order almost anything we can think of using our phones. Mobile apps and related technology are being used by logistics companies to track shipments and drivers in real-time, while an Australian utility company is using smartphone apps and IoT technology to monitor the power grid in remote areas of the outback. We hail cabs and order dinner ingredients, tapping our phones against one another to share a tasty recipe. Every day, smartphone apps improve and expand our capabilities, from monitoring heartbeats to navigating unfamiliar streets.


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3. What Is The Future Of Mobile Apps?

The future of mobile apps seems a bit cloudy, with an emerging tendency leaning toward a no-app future in which apps are replaced by websites that function similarly to smartphone apps. This could happen, but it's probably at least ten years away, if not longer. Mobile apps remain extremely popular and will remain so for the foreseeable future. However, the underlying technology is evolving, with single codebase apps that can run on virtually all popular operating systems and brands replacing native apps. Smartphone apps are much easier and less expensive to develop apps with a single codebase; all you need is a wrapper that translates the app's source code into the language of the phone brand, model, and OS you intend to run it on. If anything, these single codebase apps will be the gateway to web apps that will run on any phone with 3G or newer network access. However, it takes a long way to truly happen. 


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Final thoughts

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