Key Features Of Customized Mobile Apps For Transport Management

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2023-02-19 18:00:12

vext global key features of customized mobile apps for transport management

The logistics industry, considered as the backbone of trade, is critical to the economic growth of a country. Precision and promptness are two major factors that determine the success of a logistics company. As a result, leading logistics companies have been observed to use smart and automated mobile app solutions to eliminate human errors and maintain desired standards.

Mobile logistics apps are effective tools for increasing efficiency and streamlining workflow. They aid in the replacement of traditional methodologies, which are not only time-consuming but also inefficient.

Given these invaluable benefits, you should consider developing a robust mobile app for logistics businesses. However, before hiring mobile app developers to create a profitable logistics application for your company, you should be aware of its key features.

This article lists the essential features of mobile apps for logistics. Let's get started!


Key Features Of Customized Mobile Apps For Transport Management


1. The Driver Panel

These driver tools are intended to assist drivers in performing their duties more efficiently by making it easier to communicate with customers. The ability to register by phone or email, receive notifications about customer inquiries, view and accept orders, see customer data, including their location and phone number, and build routes, maps, and GPS technology should all be available on the driver's panel.


2. The User Panel

As a result, the client panel has slightly different functionality. Its goal is to assist customers in placing transportation orders and tracking the movement of a package. Customers, like drivers, should be able to register by phone or email, book transportation, be notified and warned in real time, contact the driver, view the route, evaluate delivery quality, and leave feedback.


3. The Admin Panel

The admin panel is another important player who assists both customers and drivers. All information about orders and deliveries, routes, customer reviews, questions, and wishes should be available in the admin panel. Furthermore, it displays the condition of all shipments, truck locations, sends notifications to the client about the status of delivery, calculates fuel consumption, and so on.


4. System for Route Optimization

This indispensable tool allows you to plan a route with the lowest fuel consumption and shortest delivery time. It also helps to select the best vehicle at the right time. These functions allow old routes to be optimized and shipping costs to be reduced. Intelligent routing can now thoroughly and comprehensively monitor problems on routes and plot the most optimal path using modern technologies.


5. Price Estimation

Every day, a logistics company must perform numerous calculations, such as determining the required amount of fuel, driver salaries, fleet maintenance costs, insurance, and so on. It is preferable to use effective automated tools to reduce errors to a minimum. Furthermore, the system can raise delivery prices on specific days of the week or month, as well as fully calculate the client's delivery cost, taking into account all indicators.


6. Load Construction and Optimization

If the warehouse and driver loads are not distributed correctly, they can significantly reduce the company's productivity. This process is simplified by special algorithms that efficiently distribute the load among employees and premises. It also works within the framework of the load to avoid putting too much strain on the truck. Overall, this is a fantastic tool for efficient order fulfillment.


7. Third-Party API Integration

Third-party systems and tools enable you to significantly expand the application's capabilities with minimal effort. Payment systems, for example, are third-party resources that you can easily integrate into your software to ensure transaction security.


Final thoughts

These remarkable features of logistics mobile apps save a significant amount of time, effort, and resources required to manage the workflow of a logistics company. In addition to must-have features aforementioned, businesses may include certain on-demand features of mobile apps for logistics during the software development to meet the specific needs of their drivers and customers.


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