Choosing Programming Languages and Code Styles For Software Development

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2022-12-07 09:27:04

vnext global choosing programming languages code styles for software development

The question of which language to use will probably emerge when you begin the development process. Developers will most likely begin debating and giving arguments in favor of or against Java, Go, Python, Ruby, or even PHP. There will also be discussions about storage and search engines, such as SQL against NoSQL, relational databases versus document stores, and hipster tech versus traditional solutions... What criteria should you use?


VNEXT Global will present general information in this post to help you choose programming languages and coding styles for software development.


1. Language and framework selection

First and foremost, do not allow these decisions to devolve into holy conflicts. In the end, it is the people who make the product fantastic, not the technology. When selecting the correct technology for your product, keep in mind that you should not become a slave to that technology; rather, the technology should fulfill your needs as well as the demands of your product.


Make comparison tables—write down your software's technological criteria and illustrate the technology that best meets them. Will your solution be required to run complex combination searches and deliver results quickly? Consider the example of elastic search. Do you require near-real-time synchronization of your data storage and presentation layer? Examine the real-time databases. Is it required to solve complex n tasks and perform well? Run some tests on several programming languages.


If there is an interminable debate among team members about this or that technology, ask each one to develop a pitch deck and give it to the team, followed by a poll. Set firm timelines for that decision. The clock is ticking, and you can't afford to spend your entire day debating this topic, or your rival will overtake you.


In the end, what counts most is that everyone is at ease with the technology chosen. If there is a lack of knowledge, make it possible for people to learn. Build your program in a modular fashion so that if the technology turns out to be a poor choice, it can be readily replaced.


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2. Select code style guidelines

Aside from the holy wars over which programming language or framework to use, there are also debates among developers like which IDE is superior, spaces over tabs, and double quotes against single quotes. Did you know that asking engineers whether they prefer vim or emacs can divert their attention away from practically any conversation?


JavaScript developers will undoubtedly debate whether or not to use a semi-colon (;) after the statements—the newest tendencies are toward simplification, so no semi-colons. People will most likely disagree about the maximum line width.


It may not appear to be crucial, and each person should probably code in their own way, but there are several big issues with this:


• Code with mixed styling (for example, double and single quotes in strings in the same file) appears illogical and unattractive.

• You'll end up in "request changes" as soon as you start doing code reviews.


Consider someone who has been coding with two spaces, and then another person makes modifications to the same file and their editor applies a four-spaces rule. These modifications will be buried in the code review, and significant changes will be overlooked.


It is critical that individuals have the ability to do things their own way, but it is also critical that your program does not suffer as a result. As a result, we recommend that you set a code-style guideline from the start. This style guide should include all of the relevant rules for line width, name conventions, colons, semicolons, quotes, and complexity rules (e.g., no more than three nesting levels within cycles). Everyone should read and agree to the rules before just following them. Nowadays, there are many tools that will style your code according to the rules you provide, so you can just port it to your chosen IDE and let it deal with the rules for you.


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Final thoughts

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